Announcement Request Form

Please fill out the following information so that we can review your request. Make sure to fill out all the relevant sections. Please note, that during high seasons, we have a large amount of requests. Also, your event must be an approved event in the calendar before you are able to make it. We will try our best to accommodate your announcement as best as we can.

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Below you will be able to choose which options for announcements you'd like to utilize. You do not need to choose all of the options.

Tip: For the bulletin announcement we ask that you please limit your description to 140 characters max.

Service Announcement

This option is to have a verbal announcement during the worship service. Please note that if you choose "no" for someone to announce, our welcome speaker will do it for you.

Bulletin Insert

You may request for our office to print your inserts, however, please note that the charge is $0.13 for colored. We print 160 bulletins each week, which would be 80 pages per weekend. Your bill will either go to your ministry or you can specify who to bill below.

You may send us your advertisement at Please adhere to the following dimensions: 7 1/2" x 4 1/2" at a resolution of 300dpi.

Please specify the date(s) you would like to print these inserts:

Website Header

On the announcement page on our website, we are allowing certain advertisements to be featured.  You are welcome to request this, pending approval. To submit an advertisements, please include a jpeg at 3000px x 1384px at a resolution of 72dpi.